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Repair Café
Feb 8, 2013



What do you do with a chair which one leg is loose?

With a toaster that does not work anymore? With a wool sweater where moth-holes in it?
Disposal? No way!
Repair them in the Repair Cafe.
The Repair Cafe is an event that focusses on restoring your (old) stuff. At the location will find the tools and equipment you need to do the job. Every possible repairs on clothing, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, dishes, utensils and toys are possible. There will be expert assistance available aswell, such as an electrician, a seamstress, a carpenter and a bicycle-repairman.
Visitors come with broken stuff. At the café they will go to work by themselves. They can ask for help. Those who have nothing to repair, can have a drink at the bar. Or are free to help someone else. 
Friday, February 8
Grote Pyr
Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116
19:30 to 21:30 PM
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