10 oktober 2018
Heet Strijken - Crash Course: How to Alter Clothes

The 10th of October is "De Dag Van De Duurzaamheid". For us sustainability begins with the reuse of what already exists. Like our vintage clothing. So on that day we would like to help you to REUSE YOUR OWN CLOTHING! 

Maybe you have something in your closet that you don't wear because it doesn't fit right anymore....or never has? Perhaps it's too big or too long or would look so much better if it would be just a bit more fitted? Don't throw (or better give) these clothes away yet!


Btw, this skill also comes in handy if you like vintage shopping! We all know the devastation of finding that one perfect item that is so you and then you try it on and its just not your size!!!

So what do you need for our Crash Course?

• Something that is too big or to long like a skirt, a dress or pants or a blouse that needs to be more fitted in the waist. Please bring 2 items in case you are a very fast learner! 
• A sewing machine (If you don't have one please let us know so we can see if we can share the sewing machines the other participants bring with them. ) 
• Yarn in the colour of your clothing.
• A Seam ripper (tornmesje).

What you don't need:

• Sewing experience.

Interested? Sign up for our Crash Course by sending an e-mail to info@heetstrijken.nl or come by in the shop!

ACHTUNG, ACHTUNG: we only have space for 5 participants...So be quick...Full is Full!!!

Where: Heet Strijken , Prins Hendrikstraat 30b, Den Haag
What time: 18:30 - 21:30 hours
How much: € 30
Sign up: info@heetstrijken.nl or come by in the shop